Summer Day

Middle School


Middle School balances independence and structure through activities and experiences that engage not only student's intellectual curiosity, but also their physical, social and emotional selves.

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Middle School Student
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Students begin to take ownership of their educational progress while dealing with the social and emotional changes that accompany growing up. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who guides them through this transition, giving academic support and social advice.

The Middle School science program pushes students further into independent analysis and endeavors to incorporates mathematical skills into each activity.

The capstone of the middle school program is the integration with the Cradle of Aviation through the student’s participation in  various technological and engineering competitions during the course of the school year. Students are challenged not only to test their hypothesis, but use their test results to update projects for better performance.

As students enter the Middle School, they are placed in classes where the coursework reflects their ability in that particular subject. At these levels, students also have the opportunity to add electives to their schedules, delving into topics about which they are passionate with a small group of like-minded students.