Summer Day

Lower School


Lower School students experience a hands-on approach to learning. Students are grouped by ability in math and reading. Hands-on multisensory activities are incorporated into the curriculum in to promote problem-solving and critical reasoning skills.

"I love International Day because I get to study the culture and language from different countries around the world."
madelyn boorman
Lower School Student
冰球突破豪华版app CLASS OF 2027

Lower school students participate in division-wide programs that foster empathy and develop leadership skills, including creating gifts for children at a local emergency room and serving their own student council.

Each year, the curriculum incorporates key projects that are designed to excite the students about science and math.

Lower school builds upon the integration of math and science, as students graph weather patterns for International Day, measure changes in their experiments, and compare data in their research projects. The International Day curriculum is a six-week interdisciplinary course of study on a specific country at each grade level, culminating in a presentation by each of the lower school classes.